We Bought It!

What have we done?!?  Aghh!  It’s official!  We are the proud (and nervous) new owners of a big-ass truck and a roaming home!  I can’t believe it! Truck I’ll give you the lowdown on how we landed on what we did.  Starting with the truck…We knew we were going to be getting a large heavy RV, […]

Where Are We Planning To Go?

So much to see!  For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been collecting ideas about places that I’d like to go and see in the USA. It quickly started to get overwhelming, so to keep track of it all, I’ve started entering them into a google map. Many of the places are must-see sights, […]

Are you crazy!?! Pros and Cons

It’s funny the variety of responses that we have gotten when we’ve told people about what we are planning to do.  The majority of people are super excited for us and have all sorts of questions and even have ideas of places to go, blogs to read, people to talk to, etc.  Some have said […]

Who Is This Blog For?

Hi Mom, Dad, GeeGee, Poppy I know you guys are my main audience.  Hi! Honestly, I really made this site just for me, with the intention of better learning how to make a website.  So there! Secondarily, I thought it might be useful to chronicle the places that we visit when we start our RV […]

How Did This All Begin?

Where did this hair-brained idea come from? In the summer of 2016, we were driving to Colorado for a little summer road trip.  Our plans were to see Mesa Verde and to visit our friends and (now) business partners John and Alicia. While driving through the Rocky Mountains, and trying to ignore the fighting in […]

CJ Bio

If you are looking for someone to make you laugh, CJ is your girl.  We really got lucky with her!  She is full of life, love, adventure, and she is so clever! I asked her to tell the website readers a little bit about herself, which can be seen in the video below: CJ likes […]

Brody Bio

Brody has filled our hearts with such a massive about of love.  Sometimes, I get overwhelmed just thinking about it.  He is a strong, lovable, and amazing boy! We moved to England when Brody was 7 years old, and lived there for 2 years. While there, Brody kept a blog for his special memories. We […]

Toby Bio

In the summer of 1997, my roommate Jamie and I were moving into our apartment at Texas A&M, when a junior by the name of Toby Traylor laid the moves on me hard.  He introduced himself, and then proclaimed with excitement, “Man, I am so glad there are girls moving in!”  With moves that smooth, […]

Sheryl Bio

Who Am I? I am nobody, in the grand scheme of things.  But I am a pretty big deal in this family!  That’s right, if you need your shoes tied, I’m your girl.  Your hair put in a ponytail?  I got ya covered.  Your dinner burned but the pizza place on speed-dial.  Yep, me again!  So […]

About Our Family

Home is Wherever You Are After five years of confirming that we could stand each other, Toby and I finally got married.  So the next logical step was kids, and we got two of those.  So now we are a family of four trying to make the most of our short time together before we […]