We Bought It!

What have we done?!?  Aghh!  It’s official!  We are the proud (and nervous) new owners of a big-ass truck and a roaming home!  I can’t believe it!


I’ll give you the lowdown on how we landed on what we did.  Starting with the truck…We knew we were going to be getting a large heavy RV, so as a result, we were looking for a beast of a truck.  Here are the specs that I narrowed it down to when shopping:

  • Ram 3500
  • Used – 2013 or newer
  • Diesel Cummins Engine
  • Dual Rear Wheels
  • 4×4
  • Aisan Transmission
  • Crew Cab
  • 8-foot Bed with 5th Wheel Mounts
  • Non-Smoker
  • Backup Camera
  • Good Maintenance Records

And then we had some preferences for the interior (such as black leather) and exterior color, etc, but really we weren’t too awfully picky on those things.  Being able to pull a large heavy RV was the priority.  But what we found out, unfortunately, is that there were just not a lot of options available to us with those specifications that I wanted.  We searched for several months, with no luck.  

When we finally came across one that we loved that had all the specs that we wanted, we knew that we had to jump on it.  Honestly, we were ready to just pay the price they were asking and get it over with.  But we managed to do some wheeling and dealing as much as we could.  We went back and forth a day or two and then finally decided to go in and buy it.  I was so proud of Toby as he managed to get the cost down even more in person! 

It felt so weird climbing in the huge truck to drive off of the lot.  We are used to it now, but for a little while, we felt like we needed ‘wide load’ sign when we were on the road!


Then came the RV buying experience.  We spent months shopping for the perfect RV too.

Here is what I was looking for in an RV:

  • 5th Wheel
  • Grand Design Brand, because of their reputation for quality and customer service
  • Recliners, so we can comfortably work, do school, watch TV, etc

There were other things that we wanted, but we weren’t too picky there either.  We also weren’t sure of which model we wanted.  We toured several consignment and new lots, scoured facebook and RVTrader, and did hours of research on forums and the dealer websites.  We finally narrowed it down to the Momentum Toyhauler model, more specifically the 385TH floorplan because we really liked that it had a loft and a large pantry compared to the other models.

We came across a used one that we really liked near Fort Worth, and luckily the owners Ron and Joan were about the sweetest people we could have ever met!  They had taken great care of their rig, but it was just too big for the 2 of them, which is why they were selling it.  Before we made the sale, we discussed the unit with them for about 2 hours.  We took a look, asked lots of questions, went home, slept on it, then decided to make an offer the next day.  They accepted and we met the following morning to make the sale.  After we finalized the sale, Ron and Joan spent another 2-3 hours going over all the ins and outs of the rig and tried to give us all of the info we might need to know about it in the future.  They even stayed in touch to answer any questions we had after the sale as well!  We got so lucky with them!

Then we drove our new purchase all the way to my parent’s house in New Braunfels.  Luckily, all went well on the drive home, which is good considering we had never towed anything in our lives, much less something of this size!

When we got there, we found out just how big this rig really was. We had planned to drop it off and go because we needed to get to a family reunion.  But we quickly discovered that we couldn’t even back it down the driveway!  We spent several hours trimming limbs before it got too dark to see.  And we were exhausted!  So we left the RV at the end of the driveway, called it a night and went to bed.  The next morning we were refreshed and attacked the trees again.  Then came the challenge of actually backing that sucker in.  It took us some time, but we finally got it to a place we could leave it so we could take off for the reunion.  Now, it’s time to move our stuff in!  Oy vey!!

If you asked me a year ago where I thought we would be today, I can say, without a doubt, that living in an RV was not even a blip on my radar.  But we are excited and can’t wait to see where we end up!



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