What Are We Looking For In An RV?

RV Shopping Sucks!  Can someone else just tell me what we need???

You know how car shopping sucks?  And you know how house shopping sucks?  Well RV shopping is is like 20 times worse than both.

First of all, the prices are all over the map

What I’ve discovered is that there is a limited supply of the kind of RV that we are in the market for

Most of them are butt ugly!  When I say ugly, I mean ugly!  On the outside and inside!

Our preferences

Fifth Wheel

For ease of maneuverability


no older than 2008, but preferable to be newer than 2013

Some RV parks have requirements that it not be older than 10 years

Couch / Sofa

Long enough to be a backup sleeping place for snoring


Memory foam mattress!!

Liftable and storage underneath

King size, if possible

Can we trash the mattress it comes with and put ours in there instead?

Hot Water heater

On demand is the best option for hot water for us because Toby takes long showers!


Most RV stops have this, but would be nice to have on board too


1.5 bath so we have extra toilet

Bathtub that I can relax in

Otherwise, we want one that can be hooked up to electricity (in addition to propane).  The larger better?  6-10 most common, but 16 gallons might be good for family (home ones are usually 40-50 gallons and we would run out of hot water with them)



Lots of natural light

Blackout curtains so we can sleep


Place to do Homework/work, put printer

Large Fridge

Place to cook, store food

Icemaker in freezer

Generator to run fridge while without power?


Want 2

Outdoor Area

Place to put bike rack on back


Compact but comfy chairs


Things will go wrong with an RV and there will be expenses.  The more you spend initially, the more frustrating the expensive repairs can be.

LED Lighting

Led Lighting uses a lot less energy than incandescent, flourescent, and halogen bulbs, and therefore can run on battery if needed.  If you have hookups, it is a lot cheaper to run.  But the bases of these bulbs are different so the fixture needs to be correct for LEDs.

Check these (working condition, etc)


Does it crank relatively easy and run 2 a/c’s

Leveling Jacks

New Tires

Cant necessarily tell by the tread, must see the date code in tires

Ex DOT MC6Y 2CEW : 0313

This means the tires were made in the 3rd week of 2013.

Tires are only good for 5-7 years before they start to dry and crack and become dangerous, even if there is plenty of tread left.


Water Heater



works on propane and electric

Slide Outs


Deal Killers


Smell, walk away


Smell, walk away

Water Damage

Look for discoloration/stains on ceiling, around windows, on carpet, in corners, soft/spongy places on floor, around commode, and in kitchen


Look where water pipe comes into RV, inside kitchecn cabinets,


Owner should have the title, otherwise probably not worth the hassle to deal with lien.


If owner lies/lied about anything, he probably lied about more

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