Having a TRex-cellent time in Glen Rose

This is the beginning of all of what we have done.  Once we got here we were shocked at how much there was here.  We saw one of the oldest and biggest pools in Texas, Big Rocks park, and the restaurant that gave us more leftovers than ever.

Big Rocks Park

At big rocks park I saw, well…big rocks.  There, we saw rocks that were there for millions of years eroding away to make them round.  Also,there was a lot of minnows in the water, for us, there was a stream that there were minnows galore.

Oakdale Plunge

At the Oakdale plunge was a blast.  There was a diving board and a small but fast slide.  I learned that the Oakdale plunge is one of the oldest and biggest pools in Texas!  We first saw my grandparents gee gee and poppy here, their from my fathers side of the family.

Loco Coyote Cafe

Here is the place of a million leftovers.  Here we saw on the menu a pigsty of food for two when we got it it looked like a mountain of food for five.  I got a kids burger and I didn’t even finish it and our waitress says there’s a burger six times that!

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Here we saw dinosaur tracks that were in water.  We saw mostly t-Rex and brontosaurus tracks.  I like the brontosauruses tracks the most.  They were eight feet wide!

We saw a river water slide that had water rushing through the crack in the ground with algae on the bottom,WHHEEEEEEEEE.

It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again.