Toby Bio

In the summer of 1997, my roommate Jamie and I were moving into our apartment at Texas A&M, when a junior by the name of Toby Traylor laid the moves on me hard.  He introduced himself, and then proclaimed with excitement, “Man, I am so glad there are girls moving in!”  With moves that smooth, we were destined to be together.

We now have built a life together, including 2 kids, several homes, and countless adventures.

Toby is a techie, or as some people like to say, a nerd.  He’s really into computers, hardware, software, and all other sorts of technology.  If I run into any computer problems that I can’t solve, he’s on it!

But he is also pretty well rounded.  He has an amazing ability to make people laugh.  Like, pee-in-your-pants laughing sometimes.  He’s a great drummer, which is super cool!  Except when he’s drumming on my legs or head or butt.  Seriously, why?

Toby is a software engineer by day, best-dad-ever by night.  He’s the smartest guy I know and I can’t imagine my life any differently!


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