How Did This All Begin?

Where did this hair-brained idea come from?

In the summer of 2016, we were driving to Colorado for a little summer road trip.  Our plans were to see Mesa Verde and to visit our friends and (now) business partners John and Alicia. While driving through the Rocky Mountains, and trying to ignore the fighting in the back seat, we happened across a beautiful park that reminded me of something from a postcard or an advertisement.  The park was in the valley and it had pine trees that surrounded a quick-moving river.  Several people were fishing in the river, others were sitting around a campfire and chatting, and a few kids were chasing each other and enjoying the amazing weather and all that nature provided there.  We also noticed that this park was an RV resort as well.  WTH?  This place looked absolutely amazing!

As we kept on driving, we chatted about neat it would be to actually visit that scenic park in the Rocky Mountains sometime.  We also talked about how great it would be to really explore and experience all that America has to offer.  After all, there was so much to see here in the US that we’ve never seen (Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, etc).  But we knew that you had to be retired or independently wealthy to make something like that realistic.  It took a few days of thinking back on that amazing park for us to realize that even though we weren’t retired or independently wealthy, that actually, it wasn’t all that unrealistic!  It would take some work, but we decided that we were perfectly capable of doing this ourselves.  So we did some research, discussed the reality of it, dreamt about it a little more, and then started making our move towards becoming explorers in our own home country.

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